Brown and Blair on Iraq war fifth anniversary

23 03 2008


AP Photo/Jerome Delay

Sunday Mirror (Excerpt)

Mr Brown yesterday insisted Britain was right to remove Saddam Hussein.He claimed Iraq has been left a better place by the US-UK led invasion.In a passionate Commons performance Mr Brown said: “There is a democracy as a result of the change we brought about. Millions of children are getting the benefit of education, vaccination and health care services. We are rebuilding with Iraqis the economy of Iraq.” And he told critics no one wanted “to go back to the situation when Saddam was in control”.Mr Blair was yesterday trying to keep a low profile. He is spending this week in the Far East lecturing on climate change. His office refused to answer questions about whether he planned to mark the anniversary. But he has consistently refused to apologise for the war or its consequences.The Government was trying to play down today’s anniversary, with no plans for a commemoration or ceremony.

The Observer: “Five years on, the hard lessons that we must learn from Iraq”

The war in numbers (MSN):

  •  26 – countries involved in the Multi-National Force in Iraq (Source: MOD)
  • 40 – Number of coalition soldiers who died as a result of accidental attacks by their own side during the initial conflict in 2003. (Source: BBC News)5
  • 5 – years since the war began.
  • 79.6 – percentage of the population who turned out to vote in the December 2005 Iraqi Legislative Election. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • 3,987 – US deaths since war began (
  • 1.9 million – estimated number of Iraqis who are internally displaced (CIA)
  • 4,100 – British troops serving in southern Iraq. (MOD)
  • 82,078 – 89,573 – documented civilian deaths from violence (  -March 13, 2008)
  • 0 – Weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq following the 2003 invasion. Most weapons inspectors now believe that the Iraqi WMD program did not proceed after the early 1990s. (Iraq Survey Group final report)
  • 175 – British Armed Forces personnel or MOD civilians to die in Iraq (correct up to February 29, 2008 – MOD)
  • 27,499,638 –population of Iraq (CIA – estimated July 2007)
  • 1441 – UN Security Council Resolution 1441 was unanimously adopted in November 2002, declaring Iraq to be in material breach of previous resolutions. (MOD)




3 responses

25 04 2008
santiago pérez 3ºb

la guerra de irak es una guerra sin final, mientras que el partido de bush siga mandando, yo creo que la solucción es que obamma gane las elecciones y se presente al partido contrincante.

26 05 2008
abel 4c

lo que hay qe hacer es retirar todas las tropas americanas españolas italianas, etc….. para qe alguna de las guerrillas gane y se acave todo. mientras sigan todas lkas tropas extranjeras no se acabara nunca porque las guerrillas envez de pelear unas contra otras estan luchando contra las tropas extrangeras


27 05 2008
lucas 3c

lo unico qe espero es qe esta guerra deje de cumplir años, qe nadie los celebra de maneras tan feas


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