Mind Maps

29 12 2010

Mind Maps are a very useful tool. Here you have the way Tony Buzan does, As he says in his website:

If you’re a student, we know you have enough information to take in already without adding more to the list. But Mind Mapping and iMindMap is different; it can help you improve your results and enjoy learning. Take a look at what you can do with Mind Mapping:

  • Plan and write assignments, make study timetables and structure coursework.
  • Summarise information concisely, revise key ideas and forge connections between topics.
  • Generate creative ideas, form independent opinions and analyse information confidently.

Seven Mind Mapping Uses for Students

How to create a mind map

  1. One Word per branch.
  2. The length of the branch: the length of the word should be the length of the branch.
  3. Use of colour
  4. Use of image. Key words and key images. Images are the way human beings communicate. Every genius use images and associations. And you can communicate with other languages group.
  5. Clarity.




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